Making a Small Rooom Look Bigger!

All of us have a room or two in our house or apartment that is a bit smaller then the rest, this doesn’t mean you can decorate it and make it a great space. Here are just a few tips when it comes to making a small space into a great space:

  • Get the clutter out of there – Nothing makes a space seem even smaller then to much stuff. If you walk into a space and all you see is random objects that over power the room, you can’t really enjoy the space your in.
  • Right of way – By moving furniture around walkways and not putting to many bulky pieces of furniture inside a room. It allows the room to flow better as well as seem open. Remember if you can see more floor than stuff your room will look larger.
  • Brighter colors – While darker colors make a space cozy and intimate, light colors open up a space and make you feel like you can breathe inside a room. While having a lighter wall color you can add stronger colors in the room, for example a dark blue towel in a bathroom or a darker table in a lighter room.
  • Let there be light – If at all possible allow light to come in naturally, by having the room light up better it adds to other parts of the room that you’ve decorated
  • Reflective surfaces – It might not seem like it but adding a mirror or reflective type frame into a room ads a feel of space. Have you ever walked into a bathroom without a mirror? It would make you feel boxed up while nature calls.

These tips are just a few of the basics when it comes to growing your room into something bigger when you can’t break down the walls. We hope you continue to look to SSPM for more useful tips into your home needs.




About Service Specialties

Service Specialties II, Inc. was founded in 1980 and is owned and operated by Catherine Bott (President). Service Specialties II, Inc. has managed thousands of properties over the years. Our services currently cover single-family homes, multi-units of varying sizes, apartment communities, office, retail, and industrial buildings as part of our portfolio of properties. With 30 years of experience and expertise in the management and real estate business, we are able to provide our clients with programs that exceed their expectations, maximize the value of their investment, and present information that gives them a thorough understanding of their financial position in their properties.
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