Makeing Your Home Shine!

When it comes to adding Christmas lights to your outside decor the right lights are keImagey. While the traditional lights (on your left) are the usual way people go. These LED Mini lights have fuses that burn out all the time that most of us are used to dealing with. This leads to a hazel every time even if just one bulb burns out.

When it comes to exterior lights take a look at the C-9 and C-7  models which are a bit larger however last a lot longer than the traditional LED lights. When one bulb burns out the rest stay lit. So replacing one isn’t as drastic of an ordeal as dealing with checking the fuses for a mini LED set of lights.









Here are a few things to look over when it comes to managing your lights this season:

  1. Check light strings for broken or faulty bulbs at the end of the season, when they’re still stretched out. Just plug them in and look for dead bulbs. If you find an occasional non-working bulb, try wiggling and twisting it slightly to get it to work again. If this doesn’t do the trick, put a short piece of tape on the wire next to each dead bulb to identify its location. Then unplug the light strings and replace faulty or missing bulbs.
  2. If entire lengths of light strings are not working, the problem is with a fuse or wire. If you can’t repair your light strings, give them to charity.
  3. Don’t just coil up the light strings and stuff them back into their original box. Wind them. For indoor lights, you can make a simple winder by cutting a V-shaped slot into opposite sides of an 8-by-10-inch piece of cardboard. Just wind one string per cardboard winder. For outdoor lights, you can use a commercial plastic winder that is made for the purpose or—for really long strings—a small garden hose reel.
  4. Be careful with light strings. They are not very durable. It doesn’t take much to render them unworkable. Take care not to break or loosen bulbs or break wires as you wind them.

We hope that you all have a great holiday season this year. Have fun making your homes shine.


About Service Specialties

Service Specialties II, Inc. was founded in 1980 and is owned and operated by Catherine Bott (President). Service Specialties II, Inc. has managed thousands of properties over the years. Our services currently cover single-family homes, multi-units of varying sizes, apartment communities, office, retail, and industrial buildings as part of our portfolio of properties. With 30 years of experience and expertise in the management and real estate business, we are able to provide our clients with programs that exceed their expectations, maximize the value of their investment, and present information that gives them a thorough understanding of their financial position in their properties.
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