New Beginnings

Most people end up making a New Years resolution. Whether that resolution is about weight loss, money, health, or a personal interest. It helps to have someone or something to help you stay on track with your resolution in 2013.

If you live with someone or have a husband/wife ask them to be there for you while you try and achieve your goal for this year. Having a partner assist you through your lulls Imagethroughout the year will help ensure you get it done. Partners sometimes that may mean doing it together. If your significant other is looking to loose weight and is sick of working out going together and having fun with it will help, or if you see that they are getting the urge to buy something unnecessary remind them that finishing strong with this resolution will make all the difference (say this in a comforting way). Remember as a partner you are there to help and reassure confidence in following through with the New Years goal.

If you don’t have a partner or would like to just remind yoursImageelf you can have a piece of art that you make to always remind you on staying on track. If you set this by the TV, every time you will feel lazy, you’ll look over and try and get yourself going. Another option for staying on track is getting a calendar that is only to meet your goals, on a week to week basis. The satisfaction of knowing you met your goal every week is a powerful thing. Another great method is setting a weekly alarm or daily even to keep reminding you of what you have to do, however this method would become irritating after a while and its best to keep positive about your resolution.

Remember that the resolution you have set for yourself is for your benefit and ultimately up to you to achieve. The things mentioned are methods to help and we hope that they do help you stay on track. Good luck, and have a great 2013!


About Service Specialties

Service Specialties II, Inc. was founded in 1980 and is owned and operated by Catherine Bott (President). Service Specialties II, Inc. has managed thousands of properties over the years. Our services currently cover single-family homes, multi-units of varying sizes, apartment communities, office, retail, and industrial buildings as part of our portfolio of properties. With 30 years of experience and expertise in the management and real estate business, we are able to provide our clients with programs that exceed their expectations, maximize the value of their investment, and present information that gives them a thorough understanding of their financial position in their properties.
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