Regarding July 4th Weekend

The Service Specialties II, Inc. office will be closed on the 4th & 5th. The president of the company decided it would be great to allow everyone more time with their families this weekend.



What this means for our tenants is that you would need to prepare and drop off your rental payments either on Wednesday July 3rd which is the last day the office is open, or you may drop them off in the mail. As long as he envelope is stamped by the post office on the 5th we will not be considering the rental payment late.

Everyone that pays on time this month will be entered into a giveaway drawing for a pair of Tiger tickets! All of us here at Service Specialties with you a Happy 4th of July!

About Service Specialties

Service Specialties II, Inc. was founded in 1980 and is owned and operated by Catherine Bott (President). Service Specialties II, Inc. has managed thousands of properties over the years. Our services currently cover single-family homes, multi-units of varying sizes, apartment communities, office, retail, and industrial buildings as part of our portfolio of properties. With 30 years of experience and expertise in the management and real estate business, we are able to provide our clients with programs that exceed their expectations, maximize the value of their investment, and present information that gives them a thorough understanding of their financial position in their properties.
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